A Day in the Life...

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A lot of people are interested in what goes on in a financial services office. We thought it would be fun to write down what we did in a day to give people some insight as to what our activities look like. Here is a quick capture of what we did on May 12th, 2016:


8:30AM – Begin reviewing market activity and overnight news pertinent to our clients

9:00 – Review client holdings, note GIC maturities 2 weeks in advance

9:30 – Purchase GICs for clients that had money come due overnight

10:00 – Prepare account opening forms for tomorrow’s clients

10:10 – Submit trade for client(s)

10:30 – Client and prospect calls

10:50 – Client drop-in to review account

11:00 – Financial Plan Presentation meeting and market update

12:30PM – Begin transfers for accounts from last meeting, input client notes into system

12:40 – Website updating and creation

12:50 – E-mail responses – clients and prospects

1:15 – Review afternoon investment research

1:30 – Phone calls to Prospects

1:55 – Lunch

2:00 – Financial Plan Presentation meeting and market update #2

3:30 – Notes for previous meeting, schedule follow up for client #2 and spoke with personal banker

3:40 – Client phone calls and Website work

3:50 – Begin preparing for new client meeting

4:00 – Work on Fee-based preparation for new clients

4:30 – New client account opening meeting

6:00 – Head home


A typical day for us really involves preparation for each of our clients, ensuring we are keeping in touch with as many clients as possible and actively watching the market for opportunities. That was a pretty long day with lots to accomplish, but we work hard every day to make sure people are taken care of. Hopefully it gives you a bit of an idea of what we are up to all day!