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Meet Devan

Have you ever wondered what will happen with your investments when your current advisor retires? Our clients don't.

How is Devan different?

Why choose Devan?

Devan Legare Photo

Devan Legare



Life Insurance Advisor - Manulife Securities Insurance Inc.

Wealth, Tax, Insight: Purposeful Wealth

At 34 years old, Devan was selected by the IIAC as the best advisor in Canada under 40 years old (2019). He brings years of expertise to guide his clients towards their goals and support them long into retirement. In addition to being an Associate Portfolio Manager, he is also a Financial Planning and Senior Investment Advisor.

Devan specializes in helping current and former business owners and professionals.

Devan has been living in Calgary since 2009. He was born in Saskatchewan and has brought his work ethic and entrepreneurial attitude to his career in the personal finance sector. He currently lives with his fiancée, Bonnie, and they enjoy spending time outside camping, gardening and exploring the world through travel. Devan is an avid beer maker in his spare time and loves sharing his creations with friends and family. 

His background in personal taxation, financial planning, and investment management allows him to speak to all aspects of individual, family or business owner’s financial health. His professional partnerships allow him to ensure that you get the right answers to the questions you have, regardless of whether or not you have professionals of your own. 

With 12 years experience in helping wealthy families and business owners achieve their financial purpose through careful planning and making use of his tax background, Devan is accepting new clients in the following areas:

  • Full Service Wealth Management - Purposeful Wealth
  • Stand-alone Financial Coaching for Business Owners
  • Stand-alone Financial Coaching for non-Business Owners