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We have been blessed to deal with many amazing clients throughout the years. Their dreams and aspirations are the reason that we come into work. If you would like to learn more about the services we provide and to book an appointment to visit our office, please call (403) 220-9808 or email us.

The following are a collection of client testimonials that our clients have been kind enough to share:

We can all rant and rave about Trevor and Devan’s skills. They are extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and professional. Do you have children with RESP’s? My child is 12. Every year Devan schedules an appointment with our family. He takes the time to explain the market to my daughter. He explains what type of funds she has and why she has them. In this day and age, it is important to educate our children in all things related to money. The type of education he provides her annually will in turn ensure that she is accountable, not only for her future investments but her future earnings. You can never start them out too young!

- Z.K. (February 2019)

Devan, Trevor Zobi and Erica, have been wonderful and very knowledgeable in all that they do.. I had the unfortunate situation to be lied to and locked into some financial vehicles that were not to my benefit but to the person selling to me. This person 'fired' me as a client and told me to find somebody else to manage the mess she put me in. I called Devan and went in to see him. He was so supportive and helpful, and he managed to transfer the mess she put me in to his capable hands. And this mess causes a headache for them but they still do this to help me out. Soon I will be rid of being tied to the whole mess thanks to the whole team. I have recommended this team to some of my closest friends and family as I know they will treat them as family... So blessed to have found such capable and caring people!! 

- S.B. (DECEMBER 2017)

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Devan  Legare and Trevor Polay for a  couple of years. As an ex banker I was looking for someone that I could trust and would listen to my needs. I didn’t want someone that would try to sell me the flavour of the month or try to convince me that I needed something that I truly didn’t.

I can finally say I have found all of this in dealing with these guys. They listen, put their advice in front of me and provide me with the right guidance for me to make a well informed decision. I have found that not only are they very good at their jobs but what sets them apart from dealing with a bank is that they genuinely care about each of their clients.

I recently had a life changing event and dropped by un- expectantly to get some advice. Right from the lovely Zobi at the front, to both Trevor and Devan , they dropped what they were doing to allow me to explain  what happened and assured me they would be there to help me. It’s become almost impossible to get this kind of service with a bank.

I highly recommend them to look after one of the most important things in your life:  your hard earned money. 

- M.K. (August 2017)

I have had the fortune of knowing and trusting Trevor Polay as my financial advisor and our portfolio has followed Trevor as he moved forward to Manulife. Without hesitation. We now benefit from the sound advice of bothering Trevor and Devan. There is no rear view mirror regrets on this. The windshield is completely clear. I trust these two gentlemen implicitly and without hesitation. Our retirement plan (I will be 59 in March 2017) is in exceptional hands. 

- P.W. (December 2016)

It is important that Trevor and Devan are experienced, trustworthy and capable and they are. The icing on the cake is that they make certain that they communicate so you understand your investments and what your money is doing. 

S.C-M. (October 2016)

My wife and I have been most pleased with our investment strategy when first meeting Trevor at another Financial Institution. We were saddened when Trevor left that Institution and went over to Manulife. After meeting with him over at Manulife, he introduced us to his co-worker Devan. It did not take us very long to realize the benefit of working with these very capable and informed Financial Advisors. Within weeks we transferred all of our investments with them. We have not regretted it! 

- KDOLGO (October 2016)

Over the years I have had experience with several financial advisors. Suffice to say it has not always been satisfactory. However, Trevor and Devan have provided me with the service and advice I have long craved and I look forward to continuing working with them for years to come. 

- J.L. (October 2016)

I recently moved my portfolio to Trevor and Devan and am very satisfied with this positive change. Their excellent credentials compliment each other and give me a well rounded financial services capability. I find them to be very professional in their approach and I especially appreciate their prompt and reliable response to any question I may have. They have my complete trust and hold the accounts for all of my children. 

- R.P. (June 2016)

In dealing with Trevor and Devan not only with my investments but also my personal financial planning (for example my mortgage etc.) they both have my highest interest at heart.  They are extremely professional and act as a guide in all of my financial planning needs. 

- J.L. (May 2016)

For many years my financial portfolio was managed by one of Canada’s large banks but the impersonal service and the casual way the advisor listened to my concerns was frustrating. Since moving my portfolio over to Devan I have not only experienced positive fund results in fragile times; but I now have, for the first time ever, a solid financial plan that helps me see the path to my retirement. Devan listened to both my current and future financial concerns and he developed a financial plan that put all the pieces together. Thank you Devan for taking the time and care to ensure I understood each piece of the plan and for working with me to ensure it was the right plan for me. Your experience and genuine concern for me was obvious the first time we met in your office.  

- M.L. (May 2016)

For the past 20+ years, Trevor has provided dedicated/superb service as our Financial Advisor. Our portfolio has been carefully maintained to fund and support our long term retirement. 

- L.P. (May 2016)

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