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Thinking Out Loud

Anyone who comes to know our team knows that we are honest communicators who act transparently. In keeping with that theme, here is a collection of posts that come from our team of advisors. Thinking Out Loud and will focus on some of the inner workings of our business and our general thoughts about the state of the economy and the world. All of the works in this section are designed and created by our team and may also be featured on our Insights page.

The views in this section are the opinions of the advisors and may not reflect the views of Manulife or other associated entities.

Fees - Part Three: The Traditional Model

This post focuses on the “traditional model” relationship for compensating financial advisors and represents the third installment of our Fee Series. The Traditional Model The Traditional compensation...

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Fees - Part Four: Fee-Based Accounts

In response to the concerns expressed by investors regarding the traditional model, the Fee-Based Model was introduced. This model has the benefit of putting advisors “on the same side of the table” as...

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