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Dealing with Life-Changing Wealth

We help clients who are selling their businesses and who stand to gain significant wealth in a very short period of time. It is only natural that the same philosophies we use to protect our business owners can be used to protect other financial windfalls. This can include winning the lottery, becoming a professional athlete or receiving a large inheritance. Our team can help you ensure that this windfall can create meaningful, life-changing wealth for generations to come.

Protect Yourself

Do not promise any money to friends or family before you secure your own financial future. Our team can help you understand how long this money will or will not last you, given your future aspirations.

Plan Ahead

After resisting the temptation to help others right away, allow us to help you create a purposeful plan for your new-found wealth. A plan is nothing without execution, so our team can help you work through a budgeting program which allows you to "step up" your current lifestyle into the one of your dreams gradually.

Don't Take Unnecessary Risks

Those who have become and remained wealthy throughout their lives haven't done so by taking wild risks with their money. You shouldn't either. Let us help you remain wealthy by matching the risks with your actual needs.

Purposeful Wealth Journey

Learn how our 3 financial pillars can make your money last for generations to come.

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Personal Portfolio Management

Leave the decisions about your investments up to us. Spend time enjoying your life instead.

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Days-to-Recovery Investment Models

We use opportunities in our practice to make the most of opportunities.

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